How can I help you today?

Let's start something new

I can help you understand and set up all the 'financey parts' of your new business (like costing and selling prices, forecasting for your first year and the HMRC requirements).  I'll also help you to set up your lovely new accounting system - whether it's a few bespoke spreadsheets or a full blown IT accounting package.  I'll talk you through what you need to do each month and be there for help and advice all the way.  You'll also get a 20% discount off one of the packages below for the first 12 months.

From £80

Let's just chat for now and see what happens.

If you just want to ask a few questions, check a few things and have an accountant on-call for help, technical questions and a few pointers ... then this is for you.  I won't meddle with your books, I'll just give support and advice if you need it - like checking your workings, giving some technical advice, answering HRMC type questions.


From £10 per month

I'd like to take it a step further.

You're happy doing the day-to-day stuff, but want someone to give you a hand with your year end reporting?  I'll review your accounts twice a year, do your Self Assessment submission for you and give you a few nice reports too.  All this and I'll be there with help and advice if you need it.

From £25 per month

I'll meet you halfway

You still do the day-to-day bits and pieces and I will do a monthly review of your bookkeeping and accounts.  I'll make sure everything is as it should be, help with forecasting income and tax, and give help and advice if you need it.  I'll do your year end reporting and Self Assessment submission too.

From £40 per month

I need so much more!

You're too busy to do any accounting things! No problem.  I'll do the day-to-day work for you and deal with your year end reporting and Self Assessment submission.  Just send me your receipts and let me do the rest.  I'll give you as much or as little information through the year as you need and be on call for any questions, any reports or any other help and advice you need.

From £60 per month

Rental Income Tax Return?

Do you rent out a property and need a hand with the annual tax return?  No problem.  Just get all your rent and expenses information together and get in touch with me.  It should be fairly painless...

Prices vary dependent on number of returns (i.e. joint ownership) and number of properties involved.

From £120

Need a hand with Microsoft Excel?

Do you just want to know how to use a spreadsheet?  struggle to get Excel to do what you want?  Have a spreadsheet you need tidying up?

Bespoke Excel training available!

£40 per hour, deals available for longer sessions or group bookings.


Want something a little different?

If you need something that isn't one of the basic packages above, then send a message and we can work something bespoke out, just for you!


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The monthly payment plans are designed to make it a bit easier for you and your cash flow.  If you'd like to make just one payment in advance, then that's fine - and you might just get a little discount for doing it!

Any Extras?

There are a few things that aren't included in my packages, like mortgage references etc.  For things like this, or for something that's not included in your package, we can have a chat and agree a cost beforehand.

**About the pricing**

You'll see that the process quoted above are 'from' a fee.  This is because no two business are the same and the more transactions a business has, or the more different revenue and expense types there are ... the more complicated it is to deal with and the more time it takes.  We will always have a chat about your business and it's requirements before you commit to anything, and if I find that it's not taking as long as I thought to look after your accounts, then I'll let you know and we can agree a new price.

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